New Testament Baptist School



New Testament Baptist School, founded in 1996, was started as an alternative to the humanistic public school system.

New Testament Baptist School is a traditional K-12 school using the A-Beka curriculum and is designed to help families rear their children for Christian service. Its primary goal is to produce Christians who have been instilled with Christian character and Christian leadership. To accomplish this, three areas are emphasized.

1. Spiritual life of the child and family—The Bible is not only taught but permeates each subject with the goal of directing children and their families to live the Bible not just know it.

2. Academics—Using traditional Christian curriculum and methods, New Testament Baptist School provides a superior academic climate.
3. Physical development—A continually developing physical education program which stresses character building.

A copy of the Student Handbook and Registration Packet can be obtained by calling the School Office at (559) 585-8464 or by e-mailing us at 


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Joe Garcia Scholarship Fund

This Scholarship fund is to honor Joe Garcia and to help families put their children in New Testament Baptist School.

We have three different levels of giving:

              Bronze Level -      $100.00
              Silver Level -        $250.00
              Gold Level -         $500.00 or more

You can be a bronze level giver by just giving $10.00 a month, a silver level giver for just $25.00 a month, or a gold level giver for $50.00 a month. Or you can give a  one-time donation.It's easy for everyone!

At the end of the school year, we will place the "Joe Garcia Scholarship Fund" Plaque on the school wall. Your name, level of giving, and date will be placed on the plaque. You will also receive a nice certificate. You can give in your name, anonymously, or in memory of a loved one.

Wouldn't you like to help some children learn to walk with the Lord while they are at school? We have many children that could use some help. If we all do a little, we can all help a lot. I know families would greatly appreciate any help you could give; and the Lord will greatly bless you and reward you in heaven.

If you have any friends, family, coworkers, or places of business that you think would like to participate, please let them know about this great opportunity.

Any donations can be brought into the office, mailed in to New Testament Baptist School, or you can give a donation through our web page. (above)