Sunday School Classes

The Sunday School Programs are designed to help the Church Family to do the work of God. To that end, New Testament Baptist has a graded Sunday School program with a class for every member of the family.

The Holy Bible is the only 'text book' used in our Sunday School Classes.  The emphasis is on studying, memorizing, and applying Scripture to our every day lives.

Following is the list of each Sunday School Classes and the age group in the Class:

Tiny Tigers This is a nursery class for children ages 0-2. This class is taught by caring and compassionate ladies.
Mighty Monkeys 3-5 Year Olds
Primary Girls 1 1st-2nd Grade Girls
Primary Boys 1 1st-2nd Grade Boys
Crossfit Teens  7th-12th Grade
TLC ClassSingle Ladies
Men Advancing ClassSingle Men
Heavenly Affections Class Married Couples
Jubilee Class Seniors
Working HandsDeaf